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Summer Night in Trastevere

Streets bustling with tourists who walk slowly, looking up, right and left, mouths half open, stopping abruptly to take a photo, holding up the locals, those whose footsteps have a specific destination, who no longer look at the sights because … Continue reading

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Santa Sabina

When we were in Rome, a couple of weeks ago, I insisted we go and see “my favourite church in Rome”.  The first church I ever liked, to which I owe my introduction to, and love for, early sacred music. … Continue reading

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Odds & Ends: New Year’s Eve

When I was nine years old, and we were living in Nice, I would sit by the window, in my pyjamas, and watch the neighbours leave home to go to various New Year’s Eve festivities.  The men all wore black … Continue reading

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Reacquaintance with Rome

Say, “Rome,” and people start gushing.  The Sistine Chapel, the Coliseum, the Spanish Steps.  By a whim of the gods, I was born in Rome. I have a T-shirt with a drawing of the She-Wolf nursing Romulus and Remus.  One … Continue reading

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