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My Citrine Quartz Ring

My friend F. gave me a ring two summers ago. Even elegant Autumn stomped in this year, perhaps sensing that subtlety was wasted on us.  The bay tree on our balcony is waterlogged, the French windows are streaked with rain, … Continue reading

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Baucis and Philemon

P. and T. kiss in public.  A swift, light peck on the lips, so full of tenderness and respect.  T. squeezes P.’s hand and he holds it, drawing strength from its warmth and reassurance.  I watch them in awe.  They … Continue reading

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Lunch with the Russians

“The whole N. family is coming for an impromptu lunch at three o’clock,” says my friend L.  “Why don’t you come, too?” I know N.’s family.  An artistic painter father, a philosophical mathematician mother, and a  polyglot, poly-talented daughter who … Continue reading

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In Grantchester.

My friend C. has a sticker on her vehicle, which says, “My other car is a broom”.  She keeps it by the back door, ready to sweep out dust and other unwanted dirt.  To keep the house clean from unpleasant … Continue reading

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Corn Chowder and Conversation

I’d asked my friend B. if he liked corn chowder.  Living in one room, and sharing a kitchen, I had to think of a lunch that would fit on my small work table.  “How about a bowl of steamy corn … Continue reading

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A Broom to Sweep Out the Old*

In Rome, at this time of year, among the blocks of torrone and wedges of panforte piled up on the market stalls, you can also buy a scacciaguai.  It is a miniature broomstick.  People hang it just inside their front … Continue reading

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Is a Friend in Need Still a Friend in Joy?

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.”  We all know that one.  That a true friend stands by you during adversity, is an accepted, unquestioned assumption in, I dare say, all cultures.  Does the same friendship remain unshaken during … Continue reading

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Words and Civilisation: Words of ‘Comfort’?!

You’ve just had a major disappointment, heartbreak or mishap; or you’re just having a bad time.  You’re feeling low, sad, upset or angry.  Whatever the reason, you’re basically in a lousy place, from which the view is – begging your … Continue reading

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