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Feasts & Fancies: Polenta Cobbler

When I first came to England as a late teenager, in 1984, the biggest culture shock I experienced was undoubtedly the natives’ frugal attitude towards food.  It seemed to be perceived as an undeserved luxury rather than a basic right.  … Continue reading

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Baucis and Philemon

P. and T. kiss in public.  A swift, light peck on the lips, so full of tenderness and respect.  T. squeezes P.’s hand and he holds it, drawing strength from its warmth and reassurance.  I watch them in awe.  They … Continue reading

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Lunch with the Russians

“The whole N. family is coming for an impromptu lunch at three o’clock,” says my friend L.  “Why don’t you come, too?” I know N.’s family.  An artistic painter father, a philosophical mathematician mother, and a  polyglot, poly-talented daughter who … Continue reading

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Odds & Ends: The English Food Complex

Of course, not all the English are like this. “Is this all right, my dear, or is it too much?” The hostess looks in earnest. You stare at the minuscule mound before you, and resist the temptation of lifting your … Continue reading

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