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Christmas Eve

“Once in Royal David’s City Stood a lowly cattle shed”. I hold my breath.  I always find myself holding my breath for the minute or so between the BBC Radio 4 announcer’s voice falling silent and the chorister getting to … Continue reading

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Short Story: ‘Christmas Eve’

Instead of the usual blog, a short story, for a change.  A gift.  The season demands it.  I hope you enjoy it. Christmas Eve* She scratched the paint off the woodwork with her fingernails.  There was a hollow, there, on … Continue reading

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The Temple Church

As a rule, I feel uncomfortable at church services.  It is not that I have an issue with God, or with churches per se.  I believe in God, and like most churches built at least 500 years ago.  It is … Continue reading

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Odds & Ends: Christmas Eve (Claws Sheathed – Promise!)

My Russian-Armenian grandmother celebrated on Christmas Eve.  That was when she served the special dinner, after which presents were unwrapped.  Christmas Eve was also full of mystery and magic.  It was when Gogol’s witch flew out on her broomstick, plucking … Continue reading

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Pet Hates: (Some) Christmas Cards

No, I am not one of those people who get grumpy, depressed or reclusive at this time of year.  I love, and always have loved, Yuletide.  No, I do not like to see tinsel and baubles adorning the shops in … Continue reading

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