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“I feel guilty, it’s all my fault, I’m a bad person” – a Cop-Out?*

I’ve been thinking about the guilt emotion.  Wondering if guilt can sometimes provide a secure – albeit uncomfortable – hiding place.  Guilt gnaws at our insides.  It pinches so hard at the bottom of our lungs, that we cannot take a … Continue reading

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Pet Hates: Ethnic Monitoring Forms

Join a library, apply for a job or submit a play for a competition.  More often than not, you will have to fill one in.  Apparently, their purpose is to guarantee an equal distribution of opportunities among ethnic backgrounds.  Does … Continue reading

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Pet Hates: Mean-Spirited Favours

There are favours for which you are sincerely grateful.  Favours which come as rain upon the desert, or a hot salt bath when all your muscles are aching.  Then there are favours which are a pain in the far South … Continue reading

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Pet Hates: By E-Mail

Number One:  The CC option.   At the risk of upsetting many of my friends and acquaintances, I simply have to voice this.  Why do so many people find it so difficult to grasp the concept of the BCC option?  … Continue reading

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Pet Hates: (Some) Christmas Cards

No, I am not one of those people who get grumpy, depressed or reclusive at this time of year.  I love, and always have loved, Yuletide.  No, I do not like to see tinsel and baubles adorning the shops in … Continue reading

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Pet Hates: The Devil’s Demand (or Direct Debit)

When I took out a contract with my existing mobile ‘phone company, I was told that I could have the package I wanted only on condition that I paid for it by direct debit.  No, a standing order was not … Continue reading

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Pet Hates: The Menace of Contagion

I am meeting two female friends for an after work drink at the Windsor Castle Pub.  I give one the socially compulsory kiss on the cheek.  I turn to the other but she takes a step back.  “I have a … Continue reading

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