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From a Word that Means “Bridge”

Brugge. That’s what I want to call it from now on.   It’s in Flanders, not Wallonia.   How typical of the Anglophones – the British in particular –  to use its French name by default.  We haven’t grown out … Continue reading

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Midnight Cha-Cha-Cha and Tabasco

I am about sixteen.  I wake up in the middle of night.  The sound of distant crunching, faint music and the light spilling into the corridor lure me like the tune of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  I get out … Continue reading

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The Busker

It was a voice carried by the wind through the semi-deserted streets of a Norwich Sunday afternoon. A voice that sang not into your ear but into your heart. I started walking towards it. He was standing outside NatWest Bank, … Continue reading

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Words and Civilisation: The Kiss X or the X Kiss?

Who was it, that first had the idea of putting an x by the signature, to symbolise a kiss?In every social missive we receive, be it an e-mail, a card, or a text message, our contact’s name is appended with … Continue reading

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Pet Hates: In Restaurants

No.1 Is everything O.K.? Have you noticed how waiters wait for the exact moment when you have your mouth full, before they ask you that? I often try and cheat them by staging my forkfuls when they are not around … Continue reading

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