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Queuing Outside la Comédie Française

Night is slowly permeating the evening sky in Place André Malraux.  The rain has eased into a steady drizzle and the yellow street lamps have come on.  The air is imbued with car exhaust fumes and roast chestnuts.  A smell … Continue reading

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Chatting to Peter O’Toole in Kit Marlowe’s Theatre

We happened to find ourselves in the same corner of the room, looking at a print on the wall, sipping our drinks.  We gave each other a polite nod.  I was trying not to look too starstruck.  Ordinarily, I am … Continue reading

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Theatre Magic – Seven Scenes from Show Business

“Let’s meet at the office,” says D., our producer. The “office” is Muffinsky’s, in Covent Garden, where the first one to arrive grabs the table by the back window, overlooking St Paul’s Church.  The Actors’ Church.  D. pulls out the … Continue reading

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Odds & Ends: Showbiz Party*

The Scene: a bar Props: nibbles and alcoholic drinks (white wine with a soupçon of ammonia, red wine with a bouquet of vinaigre, or champagne à la bicarbonate) . Sound Effects: Near hysterical laughter and raised, sometimes high-pitched voices with … Continue reading

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Odds & Ends: An Actor’s Perception of Age

I used to be a theatrical agent.  A few of my ex-clients, I now have the pleasure and privilege of calling my friends.  Perhaps one of them will be able to solve this particular puzzle.  Or did this happen only … Continue reading

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