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Unapologetic Anthropomorphism

Scribe Doll

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Sunday Concert

It’s a string quartet today.  Beethoven.  It’s what people enjoy.  The folding chairs have been put out.  The seat cushions have aged flower patterns and were last washed probably sometime at the end of the last century. Audience members, mostly … Continue reading

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Should these Connotations Always Apply?

Dark Just read any book or film review.  Dark implies deep, complex, fascinating, intelligent, and, therefore, somehow worthy.  I tend to think that dark is just dark.  It’s not good, it’s not bad.  It’s just dark.  But, since we’re on … Continue reading

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If Martin Luther had taken some Vitamin C…

In my final year at University, where I was reading for a degree in French Literature, thanks to a new syllabus tried out by the French Department, I was allowed to specialise by choosing four options.  I was only too … Continue reading

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Adventures with Chicken Soup

My acupuncturist takes a quick look at my tongue. “You’ve got a low blood count,” she says. I smile and roll my eyes, thinking of how my GP had to draw blood and process it for a whole week before … Continue reading

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Just a Bit of Fun at the Expense of One English Social Stereotype*

We went to London last week, and stayed in Fulham, where I lived for several very happy years.  For the information of non-Londoners, it’s an area in the South-West of the capital, a twenty-minute Tube ride from the West End … Continue reading

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Befriending Lady E.

VIP transport was arranged for her relocation from Ukraine.  Her immediate members of staff had moved to London ahead of her to get everything ready.  The flat, in a quiet, tree-lined street, was furnished; the fridge was stocked with her … Continue reading

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People-Watching in the Village

Six weeks after moving to this South-Western corner of London (well, it’s practically Surrey), I still had not explored its better-heeled district: the Village.  It was a warm day, so I decided to take my painful, recently acquired – and … Continue reading

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Britain Sees Snow for the First Time – Again

We had some snow, a couple of weeks ago.  Soft, white powder sifted out of a dark grey sky all day, without stopping.  Eventually, the dusting on the ground and roofs thickened to a cloak, and muffled the city sounds.  … Continue reading

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The Blackbird* Outside My Window

Unable to sleep, I wept into my pillow, each note of the blackbird’s song breaking my heart.  A doomed blackbird, his life drained away by the exhaustion of singing all night, and by the damp and icy December temperature.  That … Continue reading

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