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In Lasse Hallström’s heartwarming film, The Hundred-Foot Journey, Helen Mirren plays Mme Mallory, a Michelin-star restaurant owner with very definite ideas about what cooking should be.  Before she decides whether or not to employ a new cook, she sets them … Continue reading

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Feasts & Fancies: Miscellaneous Potato Rösti

Back in the days when my metabolism could happily burn six meals a day and I indulged in a full English breakfast every Saturday at our local greasy spoon, I would always ask for an extra helping of hash browns.  … Continue reading

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New Blog: Feasts & Fancies

No Scales or Measuring Jugs – Just Imagination and Senses Welcome to my new blog, Feasts & Fancies and the first recipe.  When I moved away from my family, to another country, I asked my grandmother to write down the recipes … Continue reading

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I Want to Live Among People with Salt

Grey outside; on my improvised worktop, red, green, white and gold. Murky, rainy, chilly, gloomy.  An early autumn. But not with the wistful charm of Johnny Mercer’s lyrics.  Not like the entrance of a Jerry Herman heroine, who swoops down … Continue reading

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