The End of a Blog – and the Beginning of a New One

I started writing this blog, first entitled Londoner’s Musings, then Scribe Doll’s Musings, back in February 2011 because blogs were all the rage, it was Valentine’s Day and I was single with nothing to do, and in order to vent a series of frustrations related to modern English language usage (e.g. Words and Civilisation: Coffee) and a few examples of social double-standards in vogue at the time.  Eventually, this blog developed into an eclectic collection of bits and bobs, from travel impressions to family stories, from eulogising over fountain pens to describing the huge, shapeshifting East Anglian skies.

For eleven years, this blog has been for me an oasis of self-expression and, more often that not, a rare, precious opportunity to spend a few hours scribbling during a week otherwise consumed by work.  Moreover, it was unbridled scribbling, jotted down à la diable, trying to please only myself.  Having real fun.

After eleven years, I have decided to wind up this odds-and-ends blog – and begin a new one that focuses on a specific theme.  For the next few months, my Sunday blog will revolve around this one topic.  Any posts on other subjects I may suddenly have the urge to write will appear on other days.

The new blog is intended as something joyful, bright, with a dusting of quirkiness.    Something that may appeal to your senses.  Something to make me smile as I write it and something which – I hope – you will find heartwarming.  There is, more than ever, much need for warmth and smiles.

It will be a weekly or fortnightly helping of lightness and fluff.  But then if birds’ feathers weren’t made of lightness and fluff, they wouldn’t be able to fly.

Thank you all for following me these eleven years.  I hope you will keep Scribe Doll company on this new adventure.

Watch this space (here’s a little clue…)

Scribe Doll 

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11 Responses to The End of a Blog – and the Beginning of a New One

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the 11 years of joy, pleasure and encounters with beautifu; English! I will definitely follow your new blog!

  2. sammee44 says:

    I liked dropping in to read your blog Katia. It was fascinating to see the photos and hear of your experiences in parts of England and I think, even Italy. I am looking forward to reading your Sunday blog—and from the photo hint, may involve delicious food. . . .? Happy New Year to a fresh new blog. . . . .

  3. Devangi says:

    Good luck with your new endeavor, it sounds promising!

  4. bdralyuk says:

    All good things must come to an end — even great things, like this delightful blog… But when new, even better things lie ahead, why mourn? Instead I celebrate what you’ve done over the years, and what you’ll do in the years ahead!

  5. Valeria Vescina says:

    Thank you for your Scribe Doll blog posts, Katia! And I shall look forward to reading the new blog. Here’s to you!

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