Let Go of the Old Year…

Let go of the Old Year, gently, with respect – it has taught you much, and anything learnt is never wasted.  Usher it out with thanks and an apology – for all you failed to learn, for all your mind could not grasp, your heart was too shy to accept, your pride too rigid to absorb.

Forgive the Old Year for all the scars it has left on you, and forgive yourself for the wounds you have not yet healed.

Let go of all the people who walk in greyness – there is enough darkness in the world already.  Instead, stand where you can meet those who look to the sun, to the moon, to all that’s light and brilliance.  

Let go of the friends who rush to hold you up when you’re falling but turn away when you’re rejoicing.  Instead, cherish those who can cry with you, but also laugh with you, and who cheer at the top of their voices when you take a triumphant bow.

Above all, let go of the “yes – but” people.  Cherish the “yes – yes – yes!” people: they are gems that catch the light and reflect it back at you.  

Let go of “why?”s in favour of “why not?”s.  If you cannot imagine you can do it, then at least forget that you can’t.

Let go of what weighs you down.  Heaviness keeps you static.  You can only fly with light wings. 

Shake hands with the Old Year, and let it go.  Then fling open all the windows and let the wind blow the New Year in.


Thank you to all those who have read my posts over the past year, and especially those who have taken the time to comment – reading your words in response to my own words makes my writing worthwhile.  

I wish you all a happy, fruitful 2023 filled with possibilities and blessings.

Scribe Doll 

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4 Responses to Let Go of the Old Year…

  1. Sue cumisky says:

    Love the photos. Happy New Year and may it bring many blessings and the joy of writing.

  2. Valeria says:

    What a lovely, wise post, dear Katia! Thank you for this. And Happy New Year!

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