And what of Italian Fairy Tales?

I would like to draw your attention to an interview I did with fellow Italian-English translator Lori Hetherington about her recently published translation of Emma Perodi’s TUSCAN TALES.

There is a link to the interview on the website of the Italian Cultural Institute in London.

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5 Responses to And what of Italian Fairy Tales?

  1. Oh, my, I want to read this, Katja! It sounds marvelous!

  2. Scribe Doll says:

    … Except that these aren’t by Calvino :–)… Have you watched the interview?

  3. sammee44 says:

    Enjoyed immensely your interview/podcast with Lori Hetherington. Chinese fairy tales are also filled with dragons and witches and villains that are cruel and vicious, but the hero/heroine always finds a way to destroy the villain and end the curse in a very satisfying way. It was lovely to hear your voice and actually see you, Kathryn!
    Cheers, Judee

    • Scribe Doll says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Judee, and it’s so lovely to hear from you. I would love to read some Chinese fairy tales. I wonder if you could recommend some (in English translation, alas!)

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