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Books: Challenges, Traumas and Pure Pleasure

I remember a stormy night when I was about eleven.  We were living in Nice.  I don’t remember what prompted me.  I stood on a chair to reach the top shelf of my mother’s bookcase where she kept – along with … Continue reading

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‘A Many-Splendoured Thing’ by Han Suyin – An Undervalued Treasure

I was very sad to hear, through fellow-Red Roomer Kim Packard, of the death of writer Han Suyin, last 2 November.  Only last Sunday, I mentioned her novel, A Many-Splendoured Thing, in my piece about the moon.  I was very … Continue reading

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Words and Civilisation: My Friend ‘Cox’

I have just acquired a new friend or, perhaps I should say, a new incarnation of an old friend.  My old one has retired to a well-earned rest,  after ten years of inexhaustible patience and loyalty, his jacket a little … Continue reading

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