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Double Standards: 7 Inconsistencies for the First Week of the Year

Saturday: The country is being squeezed by financial cuts.  Child poverty is rising sharply.  The rate of unemployment is high.  The cost of living is escalating while salaries are dropping.  Yet, last Saturday, a six-figure sum (I could not find … Continue reading

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Double Standards: Smoking

As those of you who are UK based will have heard, there has been a discussion in the media, over the past week, on whether films showing scenes of people smoking should be given a Certificate 18.  On one particular … Continue reading

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Double Standards: Supermarket Plastic Bags

“Do you need a bag?” There is a tone of warning in the question.  In fact, if you listen closely, you will hear that the stress is on “need” and not “bag”.  That is how the cashier signals that the … Continue reading

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