For the Old to Fertilise the New

Get a large, strong bag.

Clean your home.

Wash the floors,

Polish the wood,

Dust the shelves,

Scrub the sink.

Then drop all the dirt into the large, strong bag.

Walk around your home

And collect from the air and from under the furniture

All the hurtful words,

All the tears,

All the despair,

All the dead-end habits.

Then stuff these cobwebs into the large, strong bag.

Open your address book –

The paper one, the electronic one and the one in your phone.

Pick out, one by one, the names

Of all those you have forgotten,

All those who have forgotten you,

All those who have accepted, yet not thanked,

All those who have talked but not listened,

All those who have rushed to support you in your sadness,

Yet not been able to rejoice in your gladness.

Then empty all these heavy names into the large, strong bag.

Run a bath –

Hot water for strength,

Sea salt for purity,

Rosemary for clear thought,

Frankincense for inspiration

And oil of Rose Otto for joy.

Let the water wash away

All fear,

All anger,

All indecision.

Let the steam draw out the word impossible from your pores.

Then drain all this grime into the large, strong bag.

Dig a hole and bury the large, strong bag –

That the Old Year may fertilise the New Year

And help it sprout, blossom and grow into a year of Happiness, Perfect Health, Abundant Wealth, and Golden Brightness!

Scribe Doll


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12 Responses to For the Old to Fertilise the New

  1. Yes! Exactly! Happy new year!!! Cheers! xo

  2. evanatiello says:

    Happy New Year, Katia! Be HIP (healthy, inspired, peaceful) xoxo

  3. Happy New Year to you and H., Katia. Your formula for success in the New Year sounds great–in another century, you might’ve been taken for a witch, back when they were superstitious, but I think you are just a very, very, wise woman. I hope the coming year brings a lot of wonderful new translating adventures for you, and that it is prosperous and safe.

  4. Sue says:

    Have a wonderful New Year! Must get a big bag! Lv Sue

  5. Yeah, all that, especially – let the steam draw out the word impossible from your pores.
    Indeed, may the Old Year fertilise the New Year.
    Best wishes to you and yours.

  6. Christine Hartelt says:

    Amen! Happy New Year, Katherine!

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