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An Apology for the Grey Squirrel

“Tree rats”, “rats with bushy tails”, “pests’, “vermin”.   First of all, what is wrong with rats? I can feel my question sending ripples of disgust among you.  “Eek!”, “Yuck!” Your lips are twisted in revulsion.  Rats are dirty – you … Continue reading

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Odds & Ends: Rabbit Rights

New York, January 2001. ‘I am looking for ear muffs,’ I told the sales assistant at Macy’s. The girl lead me down the cluttered aisles of the department store, past the jewellery and the glove section, to a stand covered … Continue reading

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Double Standards: The Ravens in the Tower

I took one of my students to the Tower of London, last Friday.  I confess that, in the seventeen years I have lived in London, I had never been there.  Well, at least not in daytime.  I was not looking … Continue reading

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Odds & Ends: Crows

To listen to my Sound Sculpture feature on crows on the BBC Radio 4 programme Saturday Live, broadcast on 14 January 2012 please click here.  It’s the weekend.  I go for a walk in my local park, which flanks the river.  … Continue reading

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