Welcoming In The New Year*

Raid all the cupboards and drawers.  Throw into the charity shop bag anything you no longer want, toss into the bin liner anything nobody would want.  Make room for the beautiful, the useful, the new.

Vacuum the carpets, remove the old footprints, that old and new friends may walk in and leave their footprints, instead.

Wash the windows, that golden sunlight may stream into the house, bringing strength to your enterprises, and the silver moonlight may permeate through, carrying inspiration into your dreams.

Scrub the kitchen, chase away stale old smells, that the stove, pots and pans may be ready for new, tasty dishes to bring together friends, and make the body healthy.

Tidy the clutter from the living room, light the fire, that its glow might kindle sparkling conversations, its magic inspire storytelling, and its warmth encourage laughter.

Clean the bedroom, erase all tiredness, that rest may become refreshing, chase away all nightmares, that happy dreams may take root, dispel all doubts, that pleasure may enter smiling, sweep away any anger, that love may flood in.

Put order in the study, that good ideas may find their way in.

Clear the desk, that work, creativity and good fortune may have a place to land.

Burn frankincense or sage, clap your hands, ring bells, make the bowl sing, that all goblins may flee and fairies fly in.

Take all dead and dying plants out of the house, to the nearby wood.  Nature knows better than the rubbish bin what to do with them.

Write down on pieces of paper the names of all men and women you no longer want in your life.  Say “Thank you”, “Sorry”, and “That’s all right” and drop the pieces of paper into the river one by one.  As you watch them being carried away by the stream, wish them well, that they go on to be gifts in other people’s lives.  Let them float away, that they may make room for new people to come into your life.  People who bring love, wisdom and laughter.

Stand under the shower and think rainbows flowing through you.

Fling open all the windows, open the front door, that health, wealth, inspiration, love, laughter may pour in.

And may 2016 sweep into your lives with fulfilled dreams by the armful!

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Scribe Doll


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15 Responses to Welcoming In The New Year*

  1. Dear Katia, You are one of the most poetic people I know: your creative perspective on daily life is inspiring and refreshing. I have some news to share with you–I have a new inhabitant of my condo. Her name is Lucie-Minou, and she is a beautiful dilute calico young lady of about 1 1l2 years, of the variety known as calico torbie. Sadly, in her life she has already been stray once for about two months, and delivered a litter of stillborn kittens, according to the people at the shelter. I got her over this past weekend, and she has developed a slight sneezy cold on coming out of the shelter, which the shelter owner said she might: she said cats often have their immune systems lowered temporarily and respond to stress that way, even “happy stress.” Her coat Is very beautiful, and she is smart and loving (in fact, I’ve decided that her initials, L-M, also stand for Love Machine, she likes interaction with humans so much). She loves having her picture taken, and was a real flirt with my brother when he was taking it, and if I had any modern equipment (phone or computer) I’d send you her picture, but I have only older equipment that doesn’t convey pictures well. I am deliriously happy to have a cat and such a happy girl in my life again. Sorry to go on so, but I seem to have only one subject of conversation these days, which my family teases me about. I hope you too are having a prosperous and happy New Year, but from your post here, it seems that you are one of the self-starters who manages to make happiness come to you. Good luck also to H. and everyone you care about.

    • Scribe Doll says:

      That’s wonderful news! Congratulations on your new position as FA (Feline’s Assistant). I wish you and your new companion a very happy – and equal – cohabitation. LM sounds like a real character!

  2. dechareli says:

    Well said! Happy New Year to you and your followers!

  3. :-)) Best New Year’s Revolution…ever…thank you for a sublime beginning to 2016!

  4. Anna Khazan says:

    It’s amazing, Katia! It’s really amazing! I copied it to keep it before my eyes! And sent it to my friends for them to know the basiic rules of life from Scribe Doll!) Thank you for this wonderful invocationin the new year!

  5. Huh, just reading your invocation felt like a whoosh of angel wings passing through my house.
    A wonderful New Year to you and yours. And laughter … we can all do with more of laughter 🙂

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  7. Excellent advice. Happy New Year!

  8. evanatiello says:

    Love this Katia! I am printing it out and stapling it to my calendar for next December 31! Much love, happiness and health to you in 2016! xo

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