No Post Today

Really, really sorry.  Just too much work.

Next week, for sure.

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4 Responses to No Post Today

  1. Helas:-( I’m thinking yer working a tic hard….

  2. There’s no need to apologize when you’re basically reporting good news. I mean, I think it’s good news, right? To have too much work to do is often a good thing, as it shows you are busy, engaged, and productive. I’m certainly willing to wait to see what you have to say when you emerge from your chrysallis (did I spell that correctly?), and so I’m sure are others!

    • scribedoll says:

      I love your theory. Perhaps it would be true in Tommaso Campanella’s ‘City of the Sun’ or Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’. In my world, however, it just means I’m struggling to keep afloat, and need to work all the hours God sends.

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